Introducing Prachoom Wittaya School





In the year 1968, Mr. Prachoom Fuongtong established an English language teaching school.  He saw at that time there were a lot of American soldiers/advisors in Udon Thani assigned to the Ramasun Military Station.   There was also an American consulate in Udon Thani located near the Udon Thani Center Hospital, which is presently closed.  He then asked the Ministry of Education for permission to open a vocational non-formal education school   and name it, "Prachoom Wittaya School", the License No. 2/2512, dated 06 October 1969.  At that time, there were a number of new businesses and individuals that required English in order to communicate with foreigners.  These included maids, waiters, drivers, barbers, tailors, salesman, bakers, and hotel staff, as well as traders, who did business with American soldiers;  students, who were interested in studying abroad; and those who married or stayed with foreign soldiers.  In the year 1994, the Voice of America (VOA) opened a radio station in Ban Dung District, Udon Thani, and an American compound was established in the downtown area.  These occurrences alerted the Thai people to the advantages of studying and understanding the English language. 

Since the date Mr. Prachoom Fuongtong established Prachoom Wittaya School, he has given the school all of his energy, and knowledge, beliefs and learning.  He has excelled in understanding the need for the Thai people learning and understanding the English language, thus giving Thai people to learn and understand the English language.  Thus giving the Thai people the opportunity to improve themselves and their lifestyles.  By doing this, Mr. Prachoom has provided for the Thai people countless opportunities here and abroad.  It is the hope and wish that his school will excel in the future.  We also hope to exceed the expectations of the business community and to serve all students that come to excel in the English and other languages while we embrace new technology in order to open and connect the communication of society.    


Mr. Prachoom hopes that all Thai people realize and understand the importance of other languages, which is not the same as closing their minds to the Thai language.  Other languages provide an opportunity for improvement of oneself in the coming years ahead.  The founder of the school, Mr. Prachoom Fuongtong has dedicated his life work to serving Thai people thru knowledge.  


Address: 75 Udondusadee Road, Makkhaeng Sub-district, Mueang District, Udon Thani Province, 41000

Telephone No. +(66) 062-1965643, 084-4561656 and 089-8425429

Telephone + Facsimile No. +(66) 042-247365




Monday - Saturday  8 AM  -  6 PM

Sunday                   9 AM  -  3 PM




English License No. 2/2512 dated: 06 October 1969
Thai and English Typing License No. 17/2513 dated: 27 April 1970
Computer License No. 0049/2539 dated: 27 March 1996
German A-1 License No. 098/2551 dated: 07 November 2008
Japanese License No. 21/2557 dated: 16 May 2014
Thai for Foreigners License No. 8/2558 dated: 12 February 2015



เสริมสร้างประสบการณ์   ใฝ่หาความรู้   คู่คุณธรรม

Strengthening Experience 

Searching for Knowledge

Together with Good Morals



Strengthening Experience

means the school aims to provide students with and understanding of the importance of learning, and to provide a wide range of tools for them to perform and review their knowledge until they gain experience, and achieve the standards set by this school.


Searching for Knowledge

means the school aims to cultivate and support students pursuing education, according to their interests while utilizing modern science as well as new and useful technologies, which are appropriate and consistent with the student's aptitude.  All while respecting principle differences among each student. 


Together with Good Morals 

means the school aims to cultivate students' actions and the conduct moral virtue as a guide to living with other people as well as to develop themselves as good citizens, for society and the nation.