Typing Course


Thai Typing Course and English Typing Course 

(250-hour course)


“Learning the keyboard should not be ignored."

Have you ever wondered why some people, who are very skilled at using several computer programs, when  handed a paper to type, he/she enjoys striking his/her two fingers insanely.  The face of the paper becomes bent up and the keyboard letters are of no use.  The elbows are folded out like a duck trying to fly.  The work is likely never to be finished. 


We have both Thai and English typing courses.  You can practice on both type-writers and computers.  We also have a shortcut typing course that is less than 100 page, composed by Mr. Prachoom Fuongtong.  It includes CDs for you to use when you practice.  We guarantee that you will be able to type as a professional typist, if you are patient and practice regularly without looking at the keyboard. 


Studying time:   At your convenience, from 8.00 - 17.00 hrs. 

Studying days:   At your convenience, from Monday thru Friday.

                         or any day you are available.  

You can choose to study on a type-writer or a computer.

Study 30 hours       Registration + Tuition fee 1,500 Baht.
Study 60 hours       Registration + Tuition fee 2,400 Baht.

Study 90 hours       Registration + Tuition fee 3,300 Baht.

Registration fee + a typing text + a package of A-4 paper + CD + a cloth bag.

Obtain a certificate upon completion of said course under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, or a letter of certificate recommending actual studying hours.

(Thai typing 40 words per minute and English typing 50 words per minute.)