Legalization & Certification at MFA and Consulates


Legalization and Certification at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consulates


Documents issued by the government in abroad, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, certificate of marital qualification, etc., the said documents requiring to be used in Thailand need to be legalized by the consulate or the embassy of the country, who issued the said documents, before translating into Thai and legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consulates.  Then the said documents can be used at all local district offices in Thailand. 

We provide services for all interpretations / translations / submitting / legalization at your consulate or embassy if allowed.  

We also provide services for submitting your documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok, for the rates: 

Legalizing a Thai / English translation 800.- Baht per set, translation fee not included.

Processing time varies minimum one week and original documents are required to be attached with the translations and copies.

All documentations will be returned when completed including your originals.