Graduated students of A-1 English Test for U.K. Settlement Visa

UK Visa – Settlement Visas – English Test Policy

New English language requirement for visa applicants coming to join partners in the UK

From 29 November 2010, any migrant applying to enter the UK or applying to remain in the UK as the partner of a British citizen or a person settled here will need to show that they can speak and understand English.


An applicant will need to meet the requirement if they are:

A national of a country outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland; and in a relationship with a British citizen or a person settled here; and applying as that person’s husband, wife, civil partner, fiance(e), Proposed civil partner, unmarried partner or same-sex partner.


The new English requirement does not apply to the following groups of applicants:

1.     Spouse or partner of Tier 1 and Tier 2 visa applicants.

2.     Spouse or partner of a student

3.     Visitors

4.     Refugees or spouses of refugees applying on the basis of family reunion

5.     Dependent children

6.     Spouse or partner of an EEA national

7.     Spouse or partner of a member of the armed forces applying under Part 7 of the Immigration Rules

8.     Applicants for indefinite leave to remain ILR visa.